Rainbow Riders Childcare center

Our lab organized outreach activities on basic insect biology and bio-inspiration in engineering for pre-K students at the Rainbow Riders Childcare Center in Blacksburg on April 13, 2011. These activities included analyzing real insect behavior (science), playing with insect and bug robots (bio-inspiration and engineering), reading books about insects (language arts), and using art to learn about insects (fine arts).These efforts were in collaboration with Dr. Jake Socha from the BEAM Department, and Dr. Donald Mullins and Ms. Shaohui Wo from the Entomology Department. Support was provided by NSF under grant number 0938047.

Science: Analyzing insect behavior
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
Giant Millipede
Engineering: Playing with insects and bug robots
Language Arts: Reading about insects
Fine Arts: Using art to learn about insects

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